Blogger friends

L-R: True blue bloggers Edlynn, Deedee, Janette, Jane U., Alou, Karl 

I attended day 1 of the iBlog 3 Philippine Blogging Summit at the Auditorium of the UP College of Economics. My blog is 2 days old as of yesterday and I am so happy for this opportunity to have learned so much. I am thankful to the sponsors-IPVentures and Globe who incidentally fed us too. It is the 3rd Summit and as I listen to the speakers, I was reminded of this universal law of “what you focus on expands”. I knew about blogging as an online journal but it didn’t interest me.

My blog coach Deedee Espina of & played a major role in stirring me towards this path of expression. Aside from setting up my wordpress account, we work on each others’ personal growth. We were ‘smsing’ away and posed this question “What am I good at, where do I suck at?” She told me that I am good at manifesting goals and suck at telling more of myself. The remedy would be for us to spend more time together with her listening more to me than me to her. And another solution… My blog!

I have been an ear to her for more 10 years. I love listening, I love learning. Someone told me that when you speak, you don’t learn. It comes down to a sense of balance though. We breathe in and we breathe out. We can’t do one without the other.

My dear friends, if you agree with Deedee on her observation about what I suck at, I invite you to read on (and post a comment too)…

Thank you for listening!

Love and light!