With my Lola Ermy’s prodding, we hopped on the Pasig River Ferry Service for a “cruise” from Hulo, Mandaluyong to Escolta, Manila. I was very excited to take this cruise, especially with the hyped publicity of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End” that is currently being shown in local theaters. We parked our car at the station and waited for the next ferry to come. The station was clean and the air-conditioning was cool.

Trip 1
My Mommy Edlynn went with me on my first trip. The trip took one hour but I pasigferry-1.jpg wasn’t impatient. The boat could fit about 150 passengers, and it was cool inside. Looking out at the river and the shanties on both sides were interesting sights. The garbage floated along with the water lilies and I feel helpless that the Pasig River is near death due to the undisciplined practices of the residents beside the river. You wouldn’t smell the garbage inside the ferry, so if you decide to take a nap, it was a very convenient ride. They were showing a Paul McCartney videoconcert and you can sing along as the lyrics were being flashed (microphone not included though). Life vests were available for everyone just in case. Though it’s one incident I wish will never happen. Historic sites that you can see include the Malacañang Palace, the official residence of the President of the Republic of the Philippines and the Philippine Post Office Building. We stopped at Sta. Ana station before reaching our destination and when we reached Escolta, we visited Lola Elena in Philtrust Bank. My Lola Elena is a woman of strength. She is already in her mid-80’s yet she is still very sharp and reports everyday for work. She might be retiring soon, so I am happy that I was able to see her office. Wepasigferry-postoffice.jpg went to Polland Store on Escolta Street to buy hopia, fresh lumpia and other goodies. We went back to Hulo station after another hour.

Trip 2
Lola Ermy invited us to eat in President Restaurant in Ongpin. My Ninong Erwin, Aunt Raquel, cousin Erica, Lolo Eddie and Mommy Edlynn took the ferry service to Escolta station. I had the chance to ride the ‘calesa’ this time with my cousin and it was lots of fun! Walking to President Restaurant would take 15 minutes, though by that time, they already worked up an appetite. I ate a lot of ‘birthday noodles’, my favorite! We also rode a ‘calesa’ from the restaurant back to Escolta station. I was so full from dinner and I slept on our way home.

pasigferry-tarpflag.jpgThe fare is at P25 per person one way. It is very reasonable as against the gasoline and parking you would spend going to Escolta. That’s assuming of course that you can spare 3 hours of your time. Nevertheless, I highly recommend trying it out. Also, this will support the advocacy to save Pasig River. The ferry service is a project of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission. If we contribute in our own little way, I look forward to an improved condition for my generation and those to come!

Sakay ka na!