My daughter knows better than to ever tell me she’s bored. I’ve told her, “There is always something to do or life wouldn’t have placed you where you are, so don’t tell me you’re bored. It means you haven’t looked inside deeply enough to figure out what to do with yourself right now.”

One day she forgot. She was just lounging on the couch when she said, “Dad, I’m bored” – and for some reason she fell right off the couch. From down on the floor, she looked up at me and said, “Dad, I’m not bored anymore.”

The saying as given in the Bible is, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Thoughts are things and it’s important to keep our thoughts of a spiritual nature, where we put our attention on living a life, which is a clear step toward growth. In whatever we do, are we growing? Are we learning? Are we enjoying this lifetime while we have our strength and our health?…

How to Find God, pp. 302-303
Harold Klemp

When we hear about the spiritual growth, the first thing that comes to my mind is change. So what is spirituality anyway? In my view, it is the processes of taking a thousand puzzle pieces and finding the right place for each piece. And when you’re done, you realize there are nine thousand pieces more.

Growth is uncomfortable because we leave something behind, like our old self, down to the minutest cells. It is maybe conscious or unconscious but it is inevitable anyway. The greatest step comes when we are shaken up and a crisis hits us, which may be in terms of relationships, finance, health, career, etc. Much like the daughter in the story who fell of the couch. If we are comfortable, it is the law of nature to wake us up. Staying in our comfort zone like being inside a casket with satin sheets. Quite an eerie thought don’t you think?

We can hasten our spiritual growth in several ways:

1. Improving our relationships
I attended a personal mastery workshop lately and this statement struck me – The level of your spirituality is determined by the quality of your relationships.

2. Engaging in spiritual exercises
They don’t have to be very elaborate. My personal spiritual exercises include affirming people, being grateful and acknowledging the blessings in my life. Taking things for granted is like the cavity in your tooth. If it persists it makes things rotten inside. Waking up each day with the mission of being of service to others jumpstarts my day. I welcome quiet time and take walks around the village. I delight observing the streets, the plants, and people in general. I would never get up close and personal as this as compared to driving.

3. Laughing more
I love reading books and if the author is witty enough to make me laugh, then it’s a winner! I consciously seek out happy people and try to see the humor in everyday life. Comedy shows would be great too.

So the next time you fall off the couch, you can just laugh it off!

May the blessings be!