“I heard you got a new car!”
“What did you get?”
“A Toyota Yaris!”
“A what?”….

For starters, it’s nothing short of a conversation piece.

The Toyota Yaris is almost unheard of. In fact, it’s not a high demand model. Its predecessor was the Toyota Echo. For the Yaris list price, you can already get hold of an Innova, a Vios or an Altis. So what makes it so special?

The Yaris brochure’s headline reads, “Are you groovy?” Well not exactly, but ‘hip’, ‘sleek’, ‘unique’ and ‘a bit Euro’… definitely! As my husband yaris2.jpgBrian and I were agonizing on which model to buy, we went to the showroom and the moment he laid eyes on the Yaris on display, it was love at first sight. My goal was to upgrade my Mazda sedan to a newer car so I can move around with more comfort and security. My Mazda kept me company for the past ten years, though we haven’t really gone too far. The mileage was only 59,600 kms. I resolved to finally let go and sell it, and luckily, the new owner is not a stranger. The brother of my good friend took an interest after years of going around on a motorcycle. Thus, I was content with a ‘normal’ car, and the all new Vios was my choice.

When I rode inside the Yaris, the interior was classy and nice! Thereyaris3.jpg were a lot of console boxes for my knick-knacks and the cup holders were plentiful. My dehydration days are over. It was a unanimous choice in the end-that which is uncommon and a cut above the rest. Our very friendly and accommodating agent Alex Veloso of Toyota Pasong Tamo informed us that there was stock available in the plant, and in less than a week, he delivered our full-featured, all-power, brand new medium silver metallic 1.5G Yaris at home. The ride is luxurious and it’s one lean, mean and powerful machine.

C!, The Ultimate Car Authority Magazine editors gives the Toyota Yaris a rating of 5 on their 5-star scale, which corresponds to ‘Beg, borrow, or steal to drive it.’ The only drawback of a hatchback design is the trunk space. I need to discipline myself to travel light (as in life, where we all should anyway).

Over and above that, this Yaris girl feels great, renewed and extremely grateful!

P.S. Today, October 20 is National Thank You Day!