“I’m bored.”

“I have writer’s block!”

“I’m stuck in rut.”

“I’m burned out.”

“I’m having midlife crisis.”

“My relationships are a wreck, my life’s a mess!”

“I’m depressed.”

Have you heard a close friend or relative say any or all of these statements? Or maybe you yourself heard it in your head?

I was an one of the attendees of “Tapping the Creative Universe” (TCU) Workshop (39th batch), facilitated by Mr. Jim Paredes. I have been reading about this for quite sometime and never got the nudge to enroll. My friend Chuck encouraged me to attend and I guess Edlynn’s ‘time’ has come. We call our group Sognare, an Italian verb which means “to dream of/about or long for”.

It is was 6 days (actually 6 nights) of 2-hour sessions packed with a lot of concepts, ideas, exercises, singing and sharing. I highly recommend it to people who feel stuck in a rut.

One exercise was the declaration of my 7 stands or personal core values. It is a list of things important to me that I want to imprint in this world.

  1. I stand as a candle, as I light other candles, nothing is lost.
  2. I stand as a mirror. What I see in you is what I see in myself. You are divine… so am I.
  3. I stand as a lotus flower. I will bloom despite the blackness of the pond.
  4. I stand as a bumble bee. I am beyond my physical abilities. I defy conventions. I can make things happen. I can fly!
  5. I stand as a diamond that was in a rough. I am polished to showcase my brilliance.
  6. I stand as a butterfly. From my cocoon I spread my wings, and I am free.
  7. I stand as a genie in a bottle. I am a cheerful giver and a grateful soul.

How about you? What do you stand for?

Sognare TCU – We are creative dreamers!

What is creativity rule #1? Find out in the next run.

TCU is a workshop that will help uncover, identify and set aside the blocks that stand in the way of creativity in everyday life. By actively engaging self-defeating attitudes and instilling practices that will help the participant overcome them, the workshop hopes to awaken a new way of seeing that will bring back the inner joy and natural creative impulse each person possesses. The next run will be in May. For details, please email Jim at