Who is a lightworker?


The Golden Heart means to simply fill yourself with love…. then carry that love into your life. – Sri Harold Klemp from “The Golden Heart”

“Light” is the expression of love. “Worker” is a servant.
A lightworker serves in the spirit of love.
That is my passion.

I first heard of this term in an article of Philippine Star columnist Jeannie Javelosa entitled “Are you a lightworker?” (October 2006). My good friend Mary J. clipped it and gave it to me. I found the descriptions of a lightworker fascinating. For example:

  1. Lightworkers are balanced and have found their centers. They do not judge or make fun of anyone because everyone is where they ought to be.
  2. Lightworkers have no drama about them and yet you feel their inner joy.
  3. Lightworkers are slow to anger and are able to see the duality in our world and learn to navigate their souls through the dark.
  4. Lightworkers are sure of themselves but never full of themselves. When they look at you with eyes of understanding and compassion, it is about you, no matter what you are, what you own, or where you are coming or going.

“I am that I am, and the divinity in me is going is going to make a difference in this planet. I feel the truth when I hear it and when I read it. Even my small efforts will create an energy that is larger than I can imagine, combined with others, to create peace on Earth.”

I adhere to the ideals of a lightworker. It is our journey, sama ka (will you join me)?

Photo: “Catch & Carry” by Ron Wennekes Copyright 2004 Eckankar