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I was thrilled when I found out Swing Out Sister (SOS) will be performing again. During their first concert about two decades ago in Rizal Stadium, I fainted after about four songs. It was my first and so far only experience in losing consciousness. I was hungry and the place was packed. It was a riot as people rushed to get inside the gate, very much like the UAAP Ateneo de Manila vs. De La Salle University games.

The concert, The SOS Breakout Live in Manila was timely because it was a non-working holiday. Actually the holiday was April 9, to commemorate Araw ng Kagitingan but it was moved to April 7. I sat with my husband with much anticipation. Every minute was counted and with so many passed, it took a lot of energy from me. Faith Cuneta performed as the front act. She had a good voice though her being self-conscious was a turn off. Singing at the Big Dome was a dream come true, at the same time, she admits that it is tough to be the front act of a very famous band. The last question an audience wants to be asked is “(Do you want) another song?!”  Well, she got what she hoped for, which was a thunderous “NO!”  I hope she learned from that experience. I wished she would have breezed out with full confidence and gave it all she got without apologies. That would have been her great window of opportunity.

After an hour, SOS finally appeared and Corrine Drewery was a refreshing sight. She wore a tunic blouse with big flowers with black tights and black long sleeves undershirt. I liked the fact that the design was visible from where we were seated. I found her hairstyle interesting… she maintained the same for two decades?! The set design was simple. It had one big screen projector. They sang a songs from their new album “A Beautiful Mess” One thing about established artists is that even if sing new songs, it is still a pleasure to watch them. The old favorites such as “You On My Mind” and were performed early on. “Forever Blue” was included only because it was highly requested, much to their surprise!

Near the ending of the show, Corrine appeared on stage with her tailor-made Barong Tagalog. It was designed especially for her. That was a treat! She said she loved it and wanted one for herself. The great thing about her is that she connects to the Filipino audience with anecdotes like her jeepney ride, and a lot of other things she noticed about our country. She sang their hit song “Breakout” towards the finale much to the viewer’s delight, but I am not sure if people were too tired to dance on their feet or it was such a conservative, classy crowd.

Overall, it was a great show… if only it started on time!

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